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Early View

Articles are published on early view before inclusion in an issue.
All changes subject to the final publication of an issue .  

Armando Veras Sepúlveda

Shipbrokers: dealmaking channels on their way to extinction?

Changmin Jiang

UIBE China Center for Transport
Economic Research & International
Workshop on Transport
Economics 2022

Laurent Fedi, Olivier Faury, Patrick Rigot-muller, Nicolas Montier

Shipping alliances and container port development over the COVID-19 pandemic

Dong Yang, Xiwen Bai, Venus Lun

Port Statistics: The Rise of a New Era for Open Data?

Regional Maritime University

Raymond Wong

Average Adjusters

China Center for Transport
Economic Research

Qing Liu

Structures of Port Connectivity,
Competition, and Shipping
Networks in Europe

Xiao-Xia Li, Tsz-Leung Yip

Time-Variant Interdependence
across Bunker Fuel Markets and
Shipping Freight Markets

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