Editor-in-Chief (EIC)

Adolf K.Y. NG (University of Manitoba, Canada) 


Dong YANG (HK Polytechnic University, HK)
                    Yui-yip (Joseph) LAU (HK Polytechnic University, HK)
                    Mawuli AFENYO (University of Manitoba, Canada)
                    Roozbeh PANAHI (University of Manitoba, Canada) 
Ziaul Haque MUNIM (University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway)

Administrative Editor

Yufeng LIN (University of Manitoba, Canada)



          Jan HOFFMANN (UNCTAD, Switzerland)             

Pierre CARIOU (Kedge Business School, France)          

Thanos PALLIS (University of the Aegean, Greece)   

Theo NOTTEBOOM (University of Antwerp, Belgium)

Michele ACCIARO (Kuehne Logistics University, Germany)

Roar Os ADLAND (Norwegian School of Economics, Norway)

Michaël DOOMS (University of Brussels, Belgium)

Okan DURU (Nanyang Technological University, SingaporeStephen Cahoon)

Manolis KAVUSSANOS (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece)

Jasmine LAM (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Giovanni SATTA (University of Genoa, Italy)

Gordon WILMSMEIER (Universidad de los Andes)

Joan MILESKI (Texas A&M University, USA) 
Cassia GALVAO (Texas A&M University, USA)

Kevin LI (Zhejiang University, China)

Hercules HARALAMBIDES (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands)


The International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) was founded in 1992. What initially started as a small venture has since then developed into a truly international association.

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